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Closed Loop Water Filtration Pros and Cons for Waterjet Cutting

Many shop owners are concerned about the water consumption that abrasive waterjet cutting requires, and the process for properly disposing of the used water after cutting.  One of the big advantages to abrasive waterjet cutting is that it’s such a … Continue reading

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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a process capable of cutting nearly anything using highly pressurized water. Using the high-pressure waterjets, or a combination of water and an abrasive substance – this water can cut through food, glass, metal, and much more.  A … Continue reading

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OMAX IMTS 2012 Exhibit

The OMAX IMTS 2012 exhibit is located in the McCormick Place North Hall booth #6228. OMAX will have several abrasive waterjet machines on display including the OMAX 80X-1 DualBRIDGE JetMachining® Center, MAXIEM 1530, MAXIEM 0707 JetCutting Centers and a variety … Continue reading

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