Product Focus: Fryer Machine Turning Centers

Fryer Machines

One of the fantastic product lines that Brooks represents is Fryer Machine.  This American made product comes right out of Patterson, New York and has nearly 40 years of solid reputation to stand on.  Fryer Machine has made a name for themselves with their over 50 different models of milling machines, turning centers, lathes, and custom built machinery.  Each of these different product lines offers something completely unique to the industry.  Let’s take a deeper dive into the Fryer Machine System’s Turning Centers.

There are two different options within the turning center’s: the VT Series & the SL Series.  The VT Series is a vertical turret lathe with a completely innovative traveling column design.  The unique design of this machine allows for a large swing in a small footprint.  The size of the swing you need will determine the model you select.  Each model number indicates the inches of swing.  VT-30 for example has a 30” swing while the VT-80 has an 80” swing.  One of the other defining features of a Fryer Machine VT series turning center is the horizontal turret, which provides incredible clearance for both long and short tools.  The automatic turret is designed for either 8 or 12 tools.  The VT series also offers full C axis contouring, positioning and live tooling.  The Fryer-Siemens Touch 2200 CNC control is designed to assist with fast conversational programming right on the shop floor.  The easy set-up of this machine means you’ll be in full operation in no time.

The SL Series is Fryer Machine’s high accuracy slant lathe.    It features a 45° one-piece slant bed, the utmost in rigidity resulting from the box way construction, and the highest accuracy available.  In order to ensure accuracy, the SL Series uses a C1 class double nut ballscrew, a precision spindle cartridge, P4 NN roller spindle bearings and a high precision hydraulic chuck.  As with the VT Series the SL Series also offers a fully functional C axis and live tooling.  This machine really is the only option for shops needing the highest precision turning center available.  The model numbers for the SL Series reflect the chuck size selected.  The models range from the SL-6 with a 6” chuck, up to the SL-12 with a 12” chuck.  To maximize productivity the SL Series machines include a tool and part probe system as well as a chip management system.  Of course they come standard with the 2200 digital CNC control and premium software package as well.

Brooks Associates has had a great partnership with Fryer Machine for years.  With many happy customers throughout New England we would love to talk with you further about how a turning center from Fryer Machine could revolutionize your business.  Give us a call today to set-up a demo or talk further about your application.

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