Feedback on Markforged

Markforged Feedback

As a distributor we like to stay on top of what our customers think about the companies we represent.  We try to be diligent and in-tune with market feedback both on their products and the company itself.  Over the years we’ve certainly heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about various OEM’s, and we’ve used that information to make certain that we’re partnered with only the very best companies in each industry.  After some recent research on Markforged here’s what we’ve learned:

Customer Thoughts – in looking at several different sites ( and Google Reviews) the customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive to the tune of 8.2/10 and 100% of customers recommending this purchase to others.  Customer feedback rated software and print quality as the two strongest features of the Markforged product with build quality, failure rate, value, and customer service right behind.

Employee Thoughts – as Markforged approaches the end of its 6th year in business they’ve gone from a small start-up to an employer of nearly 200 people.  As you might expect that comes with some growing pains.  That being said employees, both current and previous, give the company 4.3/5 stars on  100% of these employees said that they approve of the job the CEO is doing and 90% said they would recommend working here to a friend.  Those are fantastic numbers for any company.  When asked what the “cons” of working at Marforged are the most common refrain was that the company is just growing so fast that it’s hard to keep up.  Most followed that up with a statement of confidence that these problems were getting resolved.

Here are a few of the quotes directly from customers:

“The Mark One sets itself in a class all on its own. From the moment you look inside one and compare it to any other 3D printer on the market within the sub $6k price range and you won’t find a more well-made machine. Each component is precision machined. I’ve printed 474 files on my Mark One, 463 files were successfully completed. It is an extremely reliable printer. I blame crap STLs on the prints that failed.”

“Markforged has recently updated their equipment line-up. The Onyx One is available for under $5,000 CDN, making it an awesome value for a commercial application 3D printer. Our Mark One was upgraded to the Mark Two; it is the most reliable, high quality FFF printer I have encountered in the past 5 years.”

“Very easy to use and reliable. I have run over 200 prints on the Mark 2, and had very few fail. Amazing surface quality. I spend almost no time post processing parts. The Eiger software is very intuitive and easy to use. Quick responses from their support thus far.”

If you’ve got thoughts to share on Markforged or any of their products let us know.  We’d love to hear from more of our customers about their experience owning and operating these printers.  Brooks Associates is always aiming to partner with industry leaders who are building solid products and solid companies.  We believe Markforged is one of those companies and we look forward to seeing what the future brings with them.

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