Is a Waterjet Right for My Shop?

Abrasive waterjet cutting has been around now for many years, and most folks are generally aware of how it works and what it does, but have you given serious consideration to whether a waterjet might be the right next step for your shop?  Certainly an abrasive waterjet is not the right answer for every application or every manufacturer, but the benefits it offers make it a tool that most companies could utilize.

Capacity – whether you need to cut an extremely large part out of a huge sheet of material, or a micro component from a 1” square – abrasive waterjet can handle the job.  We encourage our customers to err on the side of too big vs too small.  You never know what the next job will look like and having a large table will allow for future growth.  A perk of the waterjet is that you can go from that giant job to the micro job all on the same machine.  Do you need to cut just 1 part, or a 10,000 part run?  A waterjet can handle either.  The advanced software package that OMAX offers allows you to nest large runs to maximize material usage and minimize waste, while the easy set-up makes single part runs feasible too.

Environmental Impact – every shop is looking to minimize their impact on the environment, and steer clear of government regulations.  Abrasive waterjets are an extremely environmentally friendly option.  A waterjet avoids the creation of waste products that have to be disposed of such as noxious fumes, smoke, oil, coolant, or other harmful chemicals. Other than the rare customer who is cutting hazardous materials such as lead or beryllium, the waste water generated by the waterjet is safe to put down the waste water drain.  The garnet and kerf material are equally safe to be sent to a landfill.

Maintenance & Operation – an advantage of the OMAX waterjet products is their incredible ease of both maintenance and operation.  Routing maintenance is required for both the high pressure pump and the cutting head, but neither requires a factory technician.  Thousands of shop owners and machine operators handle the maintenance entirely on their own with ease.  The PC based software package allows anyone with even minimal computer knowledge to operate the OMAX, and the simple clamping needed to hold material can be taught in no time at all.

For many customers adding a machine tool that can cut virtually any material at any thickness revolutionizes their business.  Just consider the opportunities that adding an abrasive waterjet to your shop could bring this year.  Brooks has been working with OMAX and MAXIEM from the beginning and we’ve helped hundreds of customers reap the benefits of adding an abrasive waterjet to their business.

Contact Brooks a today to get started with a machine demo or test cut.

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