Cold Weather Can Slow Production


You may not have given much thought to the affects that the cold can have on your manufacturing equipment, but with record cold temperatures on the way, maybe it’s worth some consideration.  Everything from your tow motor to your waterjet could be impacted by extremely cold weather.  There are several areas to consider when completing cold weather maintenance in your shop.

Air Pressure – anything requiring air pressure should be double checked during cold weather.  Many items will lose pressure due to the temperature drops and will likely need to be adjusted appropriately.  This could simply be the tires on your tow motor, but it could also include other pneumatic equipment.

Batteries – again anything using a battery should be double checked in the winter as extremely low temperatures can cause batteries to drain pulling voltage, and thus make it more difficult to get equipment to start.  Before you find yourself stuck without power look for signs of battery weakness and impending failure.  Some of these signs would include leaking, corrosion around the posts, and slow engine crank.

Fluids – many fluids will thicken when exposed to very cold temperatures.  This thickening can cause equipment not to be able to move as freely as it should, which can cause friction on joints and impact seals.  Anything that requires oil or hydraulic fluid should be flushed and then monitored during the winter.

Here is a general checklist that we recommend for winter maintenance:

Fully charge batteries and remove and built up dirt or corrosion

Change filters and engine oils

Top off all fluid levels

Test all lights and switches

Inspect belts for signs of wear and replace as needed

Lubricate the exterior of the machine

Lubricate all joints

Fix any minor repairs or at least note them for monitoring until Spring

Equip mechanical water/fuel separators and fuel warmers to diesel engines

Add fuel stabilizers

Make sure there are no fluid leaks

If you need any assistance with maintenance or winterizing for your OMAX, Maxiem, Hurco, or Sodick equipment contact Brooks Associates today.  Our team of fully certified technicians is available to come along side your maintenance staff and assist, provide training, or completely take care of the job.  As the winter weather makes just getting out of your driveway more difficult, don’t let it also shut down your manufacturing line.  Some simple preventative measures can make all the difference.

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