Markforged X5

markforged x5

If you’re in need of a 3D printer with the capability of making strong, load-bearing components, than the X5 from Markforged is for you.  With this tool in your shop you’ll be printing parts faster and cheaper than you could machine them, and they’ll stand up to the job. We know there are applications where using ABS isn’t going to cut it – functional prototypes, tooling, fixtures – which is why the X5 makes parts that are 20x stronger and 10x stiffer than ABS.  By using fiberglass composite parts you’ll not only be able to get a strong part, you’ll also save money.  These parts are 1/20th the cost of their machined aluminum counterparts.

The benefits to the Markforged X5 are endless.  In addition to getting strong parts at a fraction of the cost, you’ll also be able to get them same-day.  Gone are the days of your production line being shut down for days waiting for tooling.  Now you can print new tools, and functional replacements for old parts, the same day.  In one example, the machined part was going to cost $285.61 but the cost for the same part off the Markforged printer was $9.45!  That’s a serious cost and time savings.

How does Markforged get these incredible results?  By using a dual nozzle print system for speed and weaving a strand of continuous fiberglass throughout the part for strength – that’s how.  The X5 comes with the most powerful and effective software platform in the industry.  Having a machine that can produce fast parts won’t help you if your programmer needs 3 days to have the part ready.  Markforged makes is simple for an operator to get the part programmed and ready to be printed.

Features of the X5

  • Build Volume 330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm
  • Layer Height 50 µm
  • Technology FFF & CFF
  • All aluminum unibody enclosure
  • Ultra-flat gantry system
  • Machined aluminum stage with kinematic bed coupling
  • Motor encoders
  • Calibration laser

Brooks Associates has been working with Markforged for several years now and has had the privilege of being part of the launching of several new products during that time.  We’ve seen this company take the 3D printing industry by storm, and completely revolutionize the power of 3D printed parts and the process to get there.  At Brooks we have a Markforged system available for demonstration anytime. We would be happy to walk you through its features and benefits and discuss how a Markforged 3D printer could change how you do business in 2019.

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