Sodick K6HL Small Hole EDM


Looking for something to increase your capabilities in 2019?  Consider the small hole EDM from Sodick.  The K6HL machine was specifically designed for the aerospace industry with the ability to make quick work of jobs requiring shaped diffuser holes.  Because of the patented electrode feeder capabilities, the K6HL is able to run production jobs to EDM vanes and blades with ease.  This unique design is only available on Sodick equipment, and will definitely set your shop apart from all the others.  This could be a great way to take your business in a new direction, and keep you leading your competition.

In one titanium job the K6HL had a run time of 0.07-0.17 seconds of machining time per hole with surface angles from 0°- 45° while running 0.8mm copper pipe electrode.  The incredible surface finish and speed of this machine make it truly revolutionary.  This system comes standard with Sodick’s fully optimized servo control which improves cutting speeds by up to 200%.  The team at Brooks Associates can arrange a demo and allow you to run your own sample parts to confirm speed and accuracy.

Some of the other features of the K6HL include the highly accurate fine feeding process which is controlled to create stable machining, as well as the automatic programming system, LN Assist.  The LN Assist is allowing even novice operators to easily run complex cutting programs.  The back end of this software is designed to handle all of the most complicated calculations and provide the operator with an easy-to-understand graphic display.  In addition the K6HL comes standard with an Automatic Electrode Feeder in order to enable continuous cutting with several electrodes.

In addition to leading the industry in functionality, the K6HL also sends a new standard for being eco-friendly.  This machine utilizes the best in energy-saving designs and technology which allows it to reduce energy consumption by up to 60% over other hole drillers.

Machine Specs:

X-Axis Travel = 23.62”

Y-Axis Travel = 23.62”

Z-Axis Travel = 19.69”

W-Axis Travel = 15.75”

X-Y-Z Axis Drive = Rigid Linear Motor

Electrode Diameter = ɸ.004”-.12”

Work Table Size = 29.53” x 29.53”

Distance from Guide to Table = 2.17”-17.91”

Machine Dimensions = 62.09” x 84.25” x 96.06”

Maximum Workpiece Weight = 1,102 lbs

Machine Weight = 6,614 lbs


Machine Standard Features:

  • Automatic Electrode Feeder
  • W-Axis
  • Workpiece Clamping Kit
  • Energy Saving Circuit


Optional Features:

  • Amp Booster
  • Automatic Electrode Changer
  • Automatic Guide Changer
  • A/B Table Interface
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