Benefits of a Distributor

Brooks Associates has been a proud distributor of machine tools in the New England area for more than 80 years.  We’ve served customers in every area of manufacturing – tool & die shops, aerospace, job shops, mold makers, medical suppliers, automotive, electronics, sign manufacturers, and many more.  One of the great benefits to being a distributor for such a variety of products is that we get to interact with such a wide range of customers and learn about so many different applications.  At some point you may have wondered, “What’s the benefit to me for buying equipment through a distributor instead of directly from the OEM?”  Here are a few of the reasons that working with Brooks is an asset to your company.

Product Experience – because of our long history in manufacturing we’ve had the chance to watch many new products come to market, and either fail or succeed.  We know which brands are high quality, good investments for our customers and we’ve chosen to partner only with those companies.  If we see that a product isn’t meeting our high standards we can move to a better choice.

Application Knowledge – as we’ve visited hundreds of shops in the area we’ve gotten the chance to really see everything and we can use that knowledge to help our customers find the best tool for the job.  We have years of experience to help you more quickly rule out options that we know aren’t going to work well for your situation and zero in on the optimal solution faster.

Product Offering – when you bring in a sales person from an OEM they’re going to do everything they can to make your application fit their machine tool, Brooks isn’t going to do that.  We offer a variety of different tools – abrasive waterjet, vertical machining centers, wire EDM, etc. – which allows us to hear what you’re need is and then recommend the tool that will do the job best.  We’re not going to be trying to shove a square peg in a round hole simply to get the sale.

Local Expertise – we live and work in this area, we know in real time what’s happening in this market and are able to use that to help our customers.  We know what the tax situation is, what the labor market looks like, what impact recent weather is having on business, what the utility regulations are that affect our customers, and so much more.  What works for someone in California isn’t necessarily the same for someone in Hartford.

Service and Support – another perk of partnering with a local distributor is the ability to get service and parts faster.  We’ve got what you need to keep your operation running smoothly and it’s all coming out of the Boston area rather than the other side of the world.  Our customers have the advantage of immediate help when a problem arises.

Our long history gives our customers the benefit of knowing that we’re going to be here in 20 years when the machine they bought in 2018 has an issue or they need support.  You can count on us supporting you for the long haul and you can trust that our recommendations for equipment will have your best interest in mind rather than our bottom line.  We’re looking forward to another 80 years of supporting New England manufacturers.

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