Hurco Lathes – Have you given them a look recently?

Hurco Lathes

TM10i Lathe

While Hurco may be best known for their incredibly powerful software platform, control technology and milling machines, the CNC lathe products deserve serious consideration too.  As you might expect the engineering team at Hurco did not let off the gas when they began the process of designing a line of lathes to complement their existing product lines.  The same attention-to-detail and customer focus went in to the design and building of the Turning Centers as went into the mills.  The company goal of producing equipment designed to “maximize productivity and increase customer profitability” has definitely been met with these machines.

The Hurco system is a slant-bed lathe designed with maximum flexibility to make sure our customers have what they need for every application.  Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.  All Hurco turning centers are built with an extra wide saddle and large Z-axis rails to provide maximum rigidity.  The 30-degree true slant bed creates larger turning capacity while increasing efficiency for chip removal.  In fact, every part of the chip management process has a purpose.  The telescopic way covers, inside door, adjustable brass coolant nozzles, wash-down and air guns provide industry leading protection for internal components.

Hurco offers two product lines for their lathes – the TM and the TMX.  The TM is perfect for a wide range of applications.  It features chuck sizes from 6-18”, a generous through-hole, and incredible rapid speeds.  The TMX turning centers are built for high performance with industry leading power.  The TMX leads the competition by providing the highest in rigidity, increased travels, faster spindle acceleration rates, faster rapids, and more horsepower.

Customer feedback is constantly helping refine the machine tool design at Hurco.  Throughout the development of the lathe product lines our customers have requested a focus on helping them meet their need to deliver parts in small batches with minimal lead time.  As more and more companies are focused on low inventory, Just in Time production management, it pushes our customers to be able to reliably produce high quality parts with a quick turnaround.  Hurco takes that need seriously and has integrated their WinMax control, tool presetter, bar feeder interface and easy chip management system to maximize efficiency.

Brooks has many Hurco lathe customers throughout the New England area running parts every day.  We’re happy to get you in to see a demo and answer all of your questions about how a new turning center might improve your efficiency and change the direction of your business for the upcoming year.

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