Dig Deep into Sodick’s ALN400G


The ALN Series is the #1 EDM on the market in America today.  It stands above the competition because of the specific features that only Sodick offers.  The next-generation Smart Pulse Wire control, combined with the Smart Pulse Generator, have driven the ALN400G to the top of the industry.  The Smart Pulse Wire control (SPW) has a range of powerful features that have all been incorporated into the design that utilizes the best from both the former tablet control mode as well as the classic control mode.  Running off a Windows 7 operating system with a 19” horizontal TFT multi-touch screen the SPW supports both 2D and 3D graphics.  The new design also improves control processing speed giving users the highest in control responsiveness.

The Smart Pulse Generator saves you money by saving you time.  This feature reduces the number of cuts necessary, while maintaining accuracy and surface finish.  All of this leads to faster part times and lower costs.  Consider the following sample part – a precision fitting part with a 3.94” thickness, SKD11 material, 8 RMS surface roughness, +/-.00012” cutting accuracy, .008”wire diameter reduced cutting time with the use of the ALN400G of 32% resulting in a cutting time of just 2 hours 57 minutes.

Features that customer have come to expect as part of the Sodick experience are still standard with the ALN400G.  This includes the 10-year positioning guarantee, the rigid linear motor drives, a rigid cast construction, the 3 sided rise/fall work tank, and the four sided clamping table.  These have been combined with newer features such as the energy saving circuit, the dielectric cooling unit, the high precision positioning sensor, and the digital pika-w plus super finishing circuit.

Specs for the ALN40G:

X-Axis Travel 15.75”

Y-Axis Travel 11.81”

Z-Axis Travel 9.84”

U, V Axis Travel 5.91” x 5.91”

Wire Diameter Range 0.002”-0.012”

Work Tank Dimensions 33.45” x 24.01”

Maximum Workpiece Weight 1,102 lbs

Distance from Floor to Machine Top 39.17”

Machine Tool Dimensions 83.27” x 91.93” x 86.02”

Machine Weight 7,385 lbs

The ALN Series EDM systems are revolutionizing the market and leading the way into the future of wire EDM machining.  Contact Brooks Associates today to schedule a test cut and demo on one of these incredibly powerful machines.

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