Markforged Mark 2 Wins Again

markforged awards event

Recently at the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards event in London the Markforged Mark 2 won the “Enterprise 3D printer of the year” award for the second time.  This gala is an impressive gathering of all the leading minds and pioneers in the additive manufacturing space from around the world.  The event hosts over 150 guests representing over 60 different companies and educational institutions. Unlike other such events this one is unique in that all of the awards are earned through public voting.  Voting this year was up 33% over the previous year, which makes this one of the largest surveys conducted within the 3D printing industry.

Awards given out range from “Outstanding contributions to 3D printing” to “Innovation of the Year” to “Creative use of the 3D printing” and of course “Enterprise 3D printer of the Year”.  The event is a great opportunity for the industry to recognize contributions made from manufacturers, educational institutions, OEM’s, women and minorities all promoting the growth and development of the 3D printing arena.  Markforged was thrilled to have Graham Lindsay the director of EMEA Channel Sales for the company in attendance along with others to receive this prestigious award.  Markforged was also nominated for the, Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year for Metals award, as well as the, Best 3D Printing Company to Work for award, both of which were an honor.

In addition, Markforged recently won their court case in which Desktop Metal (another 3D printing machine manufacturer) had claimed that the company had infringed on their patent rights for the manner in which the Metal X printer forms ceramic release layers in order to print complex parts.  The jury unanimously found there was no infringement, inducement or contributing to infringement by its customers.  Markforged is proud to hold 15 issued patents and 100 filed patent applications as they continue to lead the industry in innovation.  They are dedicated to helping their customers print end-use parts that are 50% lighter and 95% faster than existing part creation process all of which leads their customers to thousands of dollars saved each year.  Brooks Associates could not be more proud to be partnered with such an outstanding industry leader.

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