CYLASER Fiber Laser Cutting Technology


CYLASER, a product Brooks Associates is proud to distribute, has been revolutionizing the solid-state fiber laser cutting industry since 2004 with substantial simplification of the source architecture, the lowest power consumption, low operating and capital costs, all while maintaining high levels of efficiency and controllability.

Fiber optic lasers offer the unique ability to cover a wide range of materials and applications and CYLASER is taking that to new levels.  Not only was CYLASER the first to use solid-state generated fiber optic lasers in traditional stand-alone laser cutting systems, but they were also the first company to apply fiber laser cutting technology to the sheet metal industry and they continue to open new doors in a variety of other materials.

Every single part of the CYLASER machine was designed and manufactured in-house to guarantee maximum efficiency and precision, but even the best in technology requires maintenance.  CYLASER prides itself on providing our customers with the best service and support in the industry.  Whether your machine is under warranty or not you’ll still receive the same response level.  If your machine is down we guarantee immediate phone and internet Team Viewer support as well as next day on-site visits for calls placed before noon EST.

CYLASER has always been focused on the future with an intent to anticipate the coming needs of the industry and be prepared with solutions before the problem has even been voiced.  With hundreds of installations completed throughout the world, CYLASER is a name that can be trusted.  As an industry leader CYLASER integrates not only fiber laser cutting and welding but full automation and part handling capabilities as well to deliver the best in productivity.  CYLASER’s goal has always been, “to deliver a robust, precise, efficient, and highly productive laser cutting system” and they’ve far exceeded that goal.

CYLASER has had hundreds of installations throughout the word with many in the US and Canada.  They are uniquely focused only on the building and perfecting of fiber laser cutting machines. They offer a wide range of products including: 2D laser machines, 2D laser machines with tube processing capabilities, tube laser machines that are fully automatic with 21 axis and both 5” and 9” diameter capacity, and 3D laser cutting machines in 5, 6, and 7 axis.  The 2D laser systems are available in both side load and end load and come in sizes from 4’ x 8’ all the way up to 40’ long.

The team at Brooks Associates is excited about the future of CYLASER and ready to help companies throughout the New England area get started utilizing the power of this technology.  Give us a call today to learn more and see if CYLASER equipment is right for your shop.

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