Hurco Modernizes Old Press Brakes


When you think of Hurco you likely think of machining and turning centers, but did you know they offer a top-of-the-line series of press brake backgauges and controls as well?  The Autobend series has something for everyone with the capability to handle 8’ gauge bar all of the way up to 14’ gauge bar.  These systems are available in both 2-axis and 3-axis.  All of the Autobend backgauge systems have been specifically designed to reduce run time and minimize material handling time, while simultaneously increasing production capacity.

Of course everything from Hurco includes their control system designed to be both user-friendly and incredibly powerful.  The Autobend 7 or Autobend 6 control comes standard with the various backgauge set-ups, to operate your press brake at the highest efficiency.  The Autobend control is so popular that Hurco offers it independently as a retrofit option for customers looking to improve productivity on their existing press brake system.  This is definitely the most economical way to modernize your older unit and give it new life.

Looking to go even further?  The 3-axis system can reduce set-up time by more than 40% over the 2-axis system.  Whether your application requires an up-acting or a down-acting press brake, Hurco has the unit for you.

The S Series Autobend Backgauge (S6, S7, and S8) utilizes a heavy duty cross-ribbed cast aluminum frame providing customers both strength and durability.  In addition, the S Series provides rigid automatic press brake rear gauges to ensure speed, accuracy and repeatability.  This line is designed to adapt to press brakes ranging from 3’ to 16’, offers easy horizontal and vertical adjustments, and includes gauge speeds up to 800 ipm and gauge travel up to 24”.

The Autobend R-Axis Backgauge comes standard with automatic gauge bar height adjustment to different die heights, with no manual adjustments necessary, further reducing set-up time.  The R-Axis is programmable for large radius bends which leads to better accuracy compared with gauging against a radius.

Finally the LP11 and LP22 are industry best low profile, automatic press brake rear gauges designed to deliver speed, accuracy and reliability.  They use an aluminum extrusion design for the dual linear rails which provides strength and controls accuracy.  These units are also adaptable to existing press brakes ranging from 3’ to 16’ (depending on the model). Just like the S Series, the LP11 and LP22 have gauge speeds up to 800 ipm and gauge travel up to 24” as well as simple horizontal and vertical adjustments.

Give Brooks Associates a call to learn more about all that Hurco has to offer.  It’s so much more than just what you’ve heard, Hurco is leading the way in many areas of the machine tool industry.  As customer’s have needs, Hurco has engineering solutions.

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