Sales of Sodick Sinker EDM Support Capability Claims From 2014

Sodick Sinker EDM AD55L

Sodick’s AD Series Sinker EDM machines, the AD35L and the AD55L, have been on the market now for several years and the customer feedback firmly places these units in the position of the best sinker EDM machines available. Sales of these machines to both new and repeat customers have stayed strong even through some ups and downs in the economic environment.

There were several key features introduced with this product that served to change the face of the market.  Items such as the user friendly control, the increased machining speed, the no-flush EDM technology and zero-electrode wear were highly impactful to customers in a variety of industries.  The market response to these features proved that the engineers at Sodick had designed a high-quality piece of equipment while keeping it cost-friendly.

Both of these models utilize Sodick’s rigid linear motor system which guarantees the highest in machine efficiency, resulting in substantial cost reductions and faster delivery times.  One feature that customers have commented on frequently has been the change in the ability to maintain accuracy.  The accuracy of the parts during the initial machining is being maintained for a much longer period of time.  As a result of these improved accuracy and reliability features Sodick has been able to provide customers with their 10-year positioning accuracy guarantee.  As a long time distributor for Sodick, Brooks Associates has seen the truth in this guarantee with many customers running machines well beyond the 10 year mark and still continuing to produce high quality, extremely accurate parts. The construction of these units creates the rigidity required for long-term accuracy.  Both the AD35L and the AD55L use a full-frame, floor-standing bed design with high-strength, and heavily ribbed castings for the bed, table and column.

The AD35L Sinker EDM machine has an X, Y, Z travel of 13.78″ x 9.84″ x 10.63″ and can accommodate a workpiece weight of up to 1,212 lb.  The AD55L has an X, Y, Z travel of 23.62″ x 15.75″ x 15.75″ and can accommodate a workpiece weight of up to 2,204 lb.

Sodick’s unique zero electrode wear technology is standard on all Sodick Sinker EDM machines.  This technology allows for the EDM of steel materials with virtually zero electrode wear when using graphite or copper electrodes.  Less electrode wear results in fewer electrodes, saving on production costs.  In some cases, only one electrode is necessary.  The ability to minimize wear is made possible by Sodick’s advanced control technology, which stabilizes the use of extremely high discharge ON times; this reduces the amount of times the discharge is started and extinguished.  In the past, control technology was not as advanced, and the use of high discharge ON time resulted in an unstable EDM environment, which caused poor productivity.  Today, however, thanks to SGF technology, the application of high discharge ON time can be stabilized, producing virtually zero electrode wear.

Machine shops that have not yet taken a look at these sinker EDM machines might be surprised at the immediate benefits they can bring to the machining process.  With units all over New England Brooks Associates is ready and able to provide a full demonstration of these system’s capabilities.

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