Markforged Printers Revolutionize Operations at Humanetics

Humanetics, a crash test dummy manufacturer, is currently using Markforged machines to print their molds for thermoset plastics.  These molds need to withstand clamping forces and temperatures of up to 220° F for extended periods of time.

Previously these molds were manufactured from silicone at an outside vendor which was both expensive and time consuming.  Markforged’s Onyx and High Strength High Temperature (HSHT) fiber allowed Humanetics to replace their molds for a fraction of the cost and time.  Markforged has the unique ability to incorporate HSHT Fiberglass into parts which gives Humanetics the ability to achieve heat deflection temperatures suitable for post cured thermoset molding.  Unlike other 3D printers whose materials would fail or warp if exposed to extreme levels of heat the Markforged mold can stand up to the job.  HSHT is the ideal material for customers needing strong parts in high temperature environments. The quick turn around time, low production cost, and long lifetime of the printed molds make this an excellent fit for replacing traditional thermoset molding methods.

Printed thermoset molds can withstand temperatures up to 302°F for extended periods of time with minimal distortion.  Molds like this are a simple way to replace existing methods that are expensive and time consuming.  The benefits of printing molds, jigs, and fixtures are innumerable.  The use of materials such as onyx are ideal for manufacturing environments by ensuring tools that will last and streamlining production.

Using Markforged system with Onyx and HSHT has a design cost of $625, a fabrication time of 60 hours and a part cost of $240 compared with the standard process using silicone which results in a design cost of $1,000, a fabrication time of 144 hours, and a part cost of $1,000.  An overall savings of 76% in part cost and 58% in fabrication time.  Markforged understands that 3D printing is an important addition to your business but your CNC equipment is vital as well.  By fully utilizing the Markforged tools many customers are reducing the load on their CNC machinery, creating more available run time for the most critical of parts while reducing part cost.

Markforged is the leader in developing new 3D printing methods.  Their unique ability to print with composites and metals gives them an edge over all the other printing options on the market today.  It is because of this cutting edge technology that companies such as Microsoft have chosen to partner with Markforged.  Companies large and small are seeing the value of partnering with Markforged both for their 3D printing needs as well as prioritizing their CNC time.

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