What is the new GlobalMAX Waterjet System?

As Fabtech approaches many manufacturers are preparing to unveil new machinery and technology to their customer’s and OMAX is among the leaders bringing new technology to the abrasive waterjet world.  Their new GlobalMAX waterjet cutting system will be available for demonstration throughout the Fabtech show in Chicago in November but what are the advantages of this new machine and who is the ideal customer?

The GlobalMAX waterjet line is a low priced option to get in to the waterjet market.  For many people the high cost of entry has prevented them from being able to be part of the waterjet cutting industry but now OMAX has changed all of that.  The GlobalMAX is both robust, reliable, and cost effective.  It’s available in 3 different standard sizes – 2’7” x 5’, 5’ x 10’, and 6’8” x 13’3” – and with 2 different pump options – 20hp or 30hp.  This means you can get exactly the system you need for your application.  If you’re a machine shop looking for a smaller system you’re all set or if you’re looking to get into the job shop waterjet business then a larger table to hold a full sheet of material could be for you.

Beyond the price tag there some fantastic advantages that GlobalMAX customers get to take advantage of just by joining the existing OMAX and MAXIEM family.  Of course it would be risky to buy a low priced waterjet from an unknown company but buying from OMAX guarantees a machine built with 25+ years of experience and 4000+ machines in operation.  GlobalMAX customers will be getting the same reliable and highly efficient direct drive pump technology that OMAX and MAXIEM customers have relied on for years.  They’ll also get the benefit of an extensive network of certified OMAX technicians, customer service support, and application’s specialist.  This resource will prove invaluable to customers that are completely new to the waterjet industry.  In addition there’s the incredibly powerful software package that OMAX is known industry wide for.  GlobalMAX customers will have software designed and supported by the same engineers that have been responsible for the premium OMAX software that competitors have tried to duplicate for years.  So even if you’re new to abrasive waterjet cutting you’re coming in with a distinct competitive advantage by partnering with such a well-established industry leader.

OMAX has also made ease of operation a priority for the new GlobalMAX system.  They understand that there are some OMAX accessories that may be of interest to GlobalMAX customers and can improve their user experience so they’re offering options such as the terrain follower, pneumatic drill, laser feature finder, and bulk abrasive feed hopper to OMAX and GlobalMAX customers alike.  If you’ve been considering the idea of adding a machine that can cut virtually any material, at any thickness, with incredible precision and no HAZ then the GlobalMAX is for you and your time has come!

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