Is Hurco’s new UltiMotion Technology Right for You?

After 6 years in the making Hurco has recently released their new UltiMotion technology and the customer response has been overwhelming.  With over 200 machines worldwide already running it people are thrilled at the reduction in cycle times and the improvements in part finish.  UltiMotion is a completely new and different way to approach motion planning and is only available on Hurco systems.  By using advanced software algorithms it is able to calculate the optimal feed rate and trajectory to run the tool.  While for many years now the look-ahead feature has been available, it has not been able to able to make adjustments on the fly rather than being a more fixed software feature.  The result is a reduction in machine jerk by 50% and an increase in cornering velocity by 2.5X the conventional motion system.

Many customers have seen a reduction in cycle time by 30% or more depending on the complexity of their parts.  Those with the most complex parts see the most benefits.  These would be parts that require drilling, a lot of tapping, high-speed machining, pocketing, complex 3-axis and 5-axis contouring, or the spindle to change directions frequently are all excellent candidates for the new UltiMotion software package.  UltiMotion is idea for customers doing 5-axis machining as well with substantial improvements in time and surface finish for simultaneous 5-axis work. Customers running largely parts with simple geometry, very few corners or slow feed rates will see less of a benefit in terms of cycle time but could still see an improvement in surface finish.

As long as your Hurco machine can run WinMax version 8 or later you can take advantage of the UltiMotion upgrade without needing any new hardware, and UltiMotion comes standard on all Hurco “I” series mills. Even customers who are already running a CAM package that offers smoothing are seeing benefits from using UltiMotion.  Because UltiMotion is controlling the machine mechanics and dynamics it’s able to provide an even smoother, tighter control system then even excellent stand-alone CAM offerings.  Also because the motion system is separate from the graphics system there will be no slowdown in graphics as a result of running UltiMotion.  UltiMotion does not change your tool paths but instead optimizes the machine motion.  It will not require any changes to your existing programs or post processor and requires no special training for your operator.  All of your existing programs should run just fine regardless of whether you’ve been working with NC or Conversational programs.

Hurco is excited to bring this incredible new technology to the industry as they continue to lead the way in innovation.  They are encouraging all customers to give UltiMotion a try with some of your existing parts.  Hurco is so confident in the new product that they’re telling customers it should never be turned off – UltiMotion is superior to Standard Motion in every way!

Check out this video to see it in action!

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