Handtmann: One week, two successful leading trade fairs: the AMB in Stuttgart and the IMTS in Chicago

One week, two successful leading trade fairs: the AMB in Stuttgart and the IMTS in
Chicago The IMTS in Chicago and the AMB in Stuttgart, which both took place in September this year, are viewed as the leading trade fairs in the fields of mechanical engineering and metal machining. At both trade fairs, the German machine manufacturer
Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH was able to present its diverse range of 5-axis HSC/HPC machining centres comprising ofnumerous HBZ horizontal machining centres, PBZ profile machining centres, GANTRY high moving portal machining centres and UBZ universal machining centres.
Demanding profile machining at the IMTS in Chicago
ThePBZ HD 600 profile machining centrewas the central focus at theIMTS in Chicago. On the machine withaxis travels of 7,250/1,500/1,000 mm and travel speeds of 70/40/40m/min on the linear axes, aluminiumfloor beam sections for the aerospace industry were machined live at the trade fair. The high spindle powerof maximum
58 kW and the maximum speed of 30,000 rpm, together with the intrinsically rigid machine design and the aforementioned performance data, ensure precise and efficient aluminium machining with chip removal rates of up to 6.5 l/min when machining profiles and solid material. The PBZ HD can be configured up to a profile length of 30,000 mm and
is also providing significant advantages with respect to application-specific clamping technology.
High speed cutting at the AMB in Stuttgart
At theAMB in Stuttgart however, theHBZ Trunnion 160 horizontal machining centre
was the central feature of the stand. The HBZ Trunnion 160 is the largest machine of
the HBZ Trunnion series and, with its NC rotary-swivel table with a diameter of 1,600 mm, it is suitable for 5-axis complete machining of complex workpieces with a maximum diameter of 1,700 mm and 1,000 mm in height. The machine can be used for the machining of a wide variety of materials, such as aluminium, steel, titanium and other common light-and heavy-duty cutting materials. The topic of “high speed cutting in aluminium” was theprimary focal point at the AMB. Therefore the machine was fitted with a high-power spindle (max. 30,000 rpm and 81 kW). Precision and high-performance
have equally beendemonstratedby machining an aluminium car
live on theHBZ Trunnion 160. The presentation of a wide range ofsampleapplications for the other Handtmann machines gave visitors insight into the company’s extremely diverse product portfolio: from the smallest parts with a diameter of 200 mm to large structural parts, such as the wing panel, boasting 6,300 mm in length.
Successful trade fairs
Handtmann enjoyed a total of eleven successful days at the two trade fairs. At both fairs, good results were achieved in terms of the quantity of the visitors and–above all–the quality of the dialogues. The AMB in Stuttgart has developed into an established international trade fair which is becoming more and more evident from year to year.
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