Benefits of Rotary Transfer Machines

A rotary transfer machine has multi-station functionality which leads to its main advantage, productivity. Each of the workstations is dedicated to a specific operation. They are capable of milling, drilling, and contouring a part. With this, by the time the part has moved around the entire table, it comes off completed.

This differs from traditional machining because it can simultaneously use 20 or more tools in the cut, making it an amazing multitasking machine tool. They are great for making parts with multiple features while also reducing cycle time and producing consistent quality in the finished part. Other obvious benefits include smaller carbon footprint, energy efficiency, reduced floor space, and ease of maintenance.

When it comes to these machines, BTB Transfer is the leader in the design and manufacture. Their multi-spindle rotary transfer machines provide users with high productivity and profitability. They handle simple to difficult parts in all materials.

Their wide range of CNC transfer machines are focused on high productivity amongst which:

  • CNC horizontal axis transfer up to 10 work stations and 25 work units
  • CNC vertical axis transfer up to 18 work stations and 48 work units
  • Bar turning transfer with built-in cutting unit
  • Multi-center transfer that uses up to 19 work centers and 52 tools with built-in tool change
  • Modular transfers 5 axis in various configurations with 90 tool changes and work area 450x450x600 mm for heavy machining

BTB Transfer machines include:

  • 2-way
  • 3-way
  • Multiple-way
  • Modular transfer
  • Transfer with bar load
  • Transfer with orbital units

Brooks Associates proudly offer their customers BTB Transfer machines as a Gosiger import. These machines are great for increasing productivity, quality, and energy efficiency while reducing a shop’s carbon footprint. Shops interested in investing in one of these machines can learn more about them by visiting the Brooks Associates website.

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