The New England Advantage

A recent report identified Connecticut and New England as having a distinct advantage over the rest of the nation as manufacturing continues to become more high-tech. This report “The Case for New England’s Manufacturing Revolution,” said the region benefits from highly skilled workers and an established network of suppliers and customers.
Designed to disprove the idea that manufacturing is a dying industry, the report also found that the median wage for advanced manufacturing jobs is between $70,000 and $80,000 per year. The industry has been showing strong numbers for a few years now.
In 2012, in the advanced manufacturing sector, Connecticut had 124,754 jobs out of the 376,517 in the entire New England region. The number of advanced manufacturing jobs in the area has to do with the high demand from the commercial aerospace sector.
There’s a backlog in orders of airplanes that will take many years to fill. Any airline that orders a Boeing 737 has a minimum wait of eight years before the aircraft can be delivered. Demand like that definitely helps keep the industry on its toes.
Many are confident that the industry will continue to provide jobs and contribute to the economy in the New England region. Brooks Associates continues to contribute to the New England advanced manufacturing industry by providing their customers with the machinery and service needed.

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