New Discoveries in Machining

There is a constant flow of advancements in the world of machining. One such advancement was found recently by researchers at Purdue University that could increase efficiency in machining.
After discovering a type of metal deformation, called sinuous flow, they found a solution to suppress it. Sinuous flow results in very fine folds. Purdue researchers compared it to the patterns created during the flow of highly viscous fluids such as honey and natural rock formations.
This deformation was discovered using high speed microphotography and analysis to study cutting ductile metals. Researchers found that instead of shearing uniformly, as was assumed, the metal deforms into folds.
The solution: by painting the metal with standard marking ink or layout dye, the required cutting force during machining can be reduced by 50 percent while improving the surface quality. Using 50 percent less force creates less heat and vibration, which helps to reduce wear and tear of the metal and the machine.
Researchers only applied the ink to the free surface of the metal, not where it made contact with the tool. Other coatings such as nail polish, resins and commercial lubricants were also tested but none were as successful as the ink.
With the knowledge learned from this study, it can be concluded that there is a possibility for coatings with improved adhesion to be successful in suppressing sinuous flow when machining. It would also reduce required cutting force and energy consumption.

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