Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet cutting is a process capable of cutting nearly anything using highly pressurized water. Using the high-pressure waterjets, or a combination of water and an abrasive substance – this water can cut through food, glass, metal, and much more.  A waterjet using abrasive substances is sometimes also known as an abrasive jet. Examples include the OMAX Abrasive Waterjet Systems.  A waterjet without the use of abrasives is used to cut softer materials and is typically called pure waterjet, or water-cutting only.

Amongst the variety of precision machine tools, waterjet cutting is known as the preferred method for fabrication of many machine parts. From 5-axis water cutting machines, to the more basic operating style, materials such as metal and glass are often cut with waterjets because of their precision and efficiency doing so. However, not everything can be cut with a waterjet. Diamonds and tempered glass are two known materials that cannot be cut with a waterjet. Diamonds are too hard, and tempered glass will shatter.

Beside the waterjet’s ability to cut most material, the machine can be programmed using the CAD system to draw out the part. The machine then adjusts the stream, pressure, and movement based on the information it receives and begins cutting.

Request an OMAX machine demo or contact Brooks Machinery to learn more about various machine lines.

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