The CAM/CAD component

What exactly is CAM and CAD? Broken down, CAM translates to “computer-aided manufacturing” and CAD to “computer-aided design”; computer software that guides the processes of a machine. These terms are laden in manufacturing jargon, and if not alluded to, specifically required for most machining products. Most inventions throughout history have had one common motive: to make life easier. Often that means: to eliminate the human component. While machinery has taken over some of the manual work, the advancements of CAD and CAM have increased the need for highly skilled and specialized professionals that resemble computer engineers more than machinists of the past.

Partnership with Delcam (a leading supplier of CAD/CAM software) was a natural extension to the Brooks’ business as their mission to maintain the highest quality equipment, technical proficiency, and commitment to customer service. As a distributor of Delcam’s PartMaker, Brooks ensures that the products are available to fill your machine manufacturing requests.

Delcam’s Partmaker compliments several machine tools offered by Brooks including the full line of machines from Hurco, Ganesh, Nomura, and Willemin-Macodel. Additionally PartMaker holds two U.S. patents on its technology for automating the programming of the multi-axis Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes.  They have also actively supported post processors for virtually every CNC machine built over the past 20 years and offer a variety of specialist CAM applications to fit the various niches of your advanced manufacturing needs.

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