New Inventory at Brooks Associates

Fall is a season full of change. Leafs on the trees will slowly change to bright orange and red, the weather will quickly change from crisp air to freezing cold air. Nature isn’t the only thing changing, the inventory at Brooks is also switching it up!  A total of eight new machines have been added to the inventory list from major brands such as Hurco, OMAX, and Sodick! The new machines are:

  • HURCO TMM8: An efficient solution for small and medium projects which require turning and secondary milling & drilling. One setup will save you time and provide accuracy.
  • HURCO VMX42SR: Equipped with the latest addition of Hurco’s world-renowned control software, a swivel head, and a horizontal rotary table.
  • HURCO VMX84 Machining Center: Equipped with an X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis this machine is perfect for those who are working with large parts, molds, and dies.
  • OMAX 5555: The perfect machine for fabrication shops with a large amount of floor space.
  • OMAX 60120 Jet Machining Center: Perfect for a wide variety of materials and thickness, as well as large or multiple parts.
  • Sodick SGF Power Supply: Achieve sharper edges and reduce costs with the new Sodick SGF power supply. This power supply uses fewer electrodes which will reduce the overall job cost. Also will reduce room for error.
  • Sodick Hybrid Wire EDM: What do you get when you combined the speed of a water jet machine and the accuracy of the wire EDM? You’ll get the new Sodick Hybrid Wire EDM as well as maximum machining productivity. This machines is newly available in the United States Market.
  • Sodick C32 Sinker EDM: if affordable is what you’re looking for then affordable is what you’ll get with the new Sodick C32 Sinker EDM. Besides the affordable cost, this machine is compact making it eligible to fit in many shops across the world.

Brooks Associates staff is ready to help you find the perfect new machining center. Contact Brooks to schedule a machine demonstration.

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