Machines, Medicine and Technology

From the beginning, medicine has always relied on technology to improve. Back in the olden days technology and medical practices weren’t what they are today. In the 1800’s instruments were developed to help understand the human body. Some of the first technology advancements for medical purposes were the thermometer, a microscope, scalpels, and the stethoscope. All these new technologies allowed doctors to learn the difference between a healthy body and a diseased body. Professionals were also able to diagnose more medical problems in less time.

The next major advancement in medical technology happened when the x-ray machine was developed. X-rays and their benefits were discovered in 1895. X-rays helped doctors see what was happening inside the body without having to do surgery. While x-rays during this time were a revolutionary practice, they also caused a lot of damage. The effects of radiation were not well known, many patients and doctors died from overexposure. X-rays were the best way to see inside one’s body until the 1970’s. After that CT, PET, and MRI scanners were designed.

Computers were the next big technology to mix with medicine and led to large advancements. The introduction of computers into hospitals allowed patients to be monitored at all times. Patient files could be traced easier, and heavy machines like the MRI could function at a faster rate. Machines in the labs could also do more testing, allowing for a quicker and more accurate response.

In today’s medical world, machines and technology are found throughout the hospital. Doctors use laptops and tablets to record patient information. Thermometers are electronic and run off of small computers. Larger machines are used for treatments against various diseases. Machines can also be used to create devices to support the human body. The precision of machines allows for minimal error in devices which are being made to support the human body.  X-ray machines are faster than they have been before, and are also portable.

Brooks offers many different machines from many different brands for the medical industry. Brands like Nikon and Willemin-Macodel aim to please customers with their quality, productivity, and precision. From Nikon Brooks offers X-ray and CT machines.  Willemin-Macodel specializes in producing high precision machine tools. Their machines with orthopedics and the dental industry.

It would be nearly impossible for medical practices to be where they are today without the help of technology and machinery. The future is endless for medical technology.

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