Mother’s Day Inspiration for Machinists

We know Mother’s Day can be difficult. You want to show your wife or mother that you truly appreciate her but you also want to do it with some personal flair. You are a machinist. If possible, you may be hoping to make her something using your craft. We searched the internet and have come up with some ideas to help you out!

These are homemade candle holders. You may try something similar (using mixed materials) or perhaps just one material. Either way, it can be a beautiful addition to your wife or mother’s home decor. As an added bonus, if you are doing this for your wife, place candles in the holders and make her a beautiful candlelit dinner.




If the mother/wife that you are planning a gift for is more practical, consider making her a beautiful new paper towel holder. You can add other elements to make it more decorative, or you can make it more plain like the one pictured above.




The above necklace has custom machined beads. Get creative here. You can design and machine a bead in whatever fashion you’d like. Additionally, you can buy different types of necklace chains (from the casual cord above to gold chains) at a local craft store. As an added bonus, try to find her children’s birthstones to hang on the necklace as well.




Consider making her a rose (or a dozen roses) out of whatever material you have around or want to use. You may even consider making her favorite flower instead. 

Some other idea include: earrings, a decorative bowl or vase, a jewelry box, a wall plaque with a beautiful quote engraved into it, or pots for a new plant (if she is a gardener). In reality, the possibilities are nearly endless. Let you imagination run wild!


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