The 90,000 PSI Myth

An established waterjet shop designed a part and then cut it on their new 90Kpsi 60HP intensifier pump. OMAX then cut the same part using their 4th Generation direct drive pump, the 50HP EnduroMAX®. With the same abrasive flow rate, OMAX proved to be significantly faster, more accurate, and with a better finish quality.


The timer doesn’t lie. Based on real-world cutting tests, the EnduroMAX performed more efficiently:

  • 4.91 minutes 60Kpsi EnduroMAX
  • 7.41 minutes 90Kpsi Intensifier

The EnduroMAX Pump is:

  • 33% less abrasive
  • 2.3 times more accurate
  • 51% more productive after 8 hours of work

Don’t be waylaid by the myth of 90,000 psi perfection–call us today to take advantage of true quality. 

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