5 Things to Look for Before You Buy a Waterjet


  1. Get sample parts cut before you buy—it’s important to watch the part being made from start to finish, so visit a manufacturer’s showroom if you can. Seeing it made in person keeps a salesperson honest and allows you to see the process. The Brooks showroom is available by appointment to show you the features of OMAX waterjets. Test cuts help you determine how fast it will take you to cut your part, the cost to produce your part on an OMAX waterjet, and the cost savings you can achieve by using a waterjet over other systems.

Consider operating costs—operating costs can vary substantially between manufacturers, so be sure to find out in detail what the costs will be to run the waterjet. The overall cost includes the cost of consumables, spare parts, initial purchase price of the machine, and labor. Brooks Associates, an OMAX distributor since 1994, is thrilled to now be able to offer our customers the convenience of online parts ordering. Authentic OMAX consumables can be ordered any time through this new feature, with many items shipping out the same day. Brooks continues to offer local service for OMAX equipment and the online parts ordering will help us to fully support our OMAX customers.

Omax Consumables



  1. Extra features—OMAX is the first and only manufacturer to guarantee free OMAX operating software upgrades to owners for life. This guarantee saves OMAX owners thousands of dollars over the life of their investment, but more importantly ensures that they will receive all benefits derived from software enhancements. Upgrades are implemented to improve accuracy, provide faster cutting speeds, enhance system monitoring, and provide additional waterjet cutting capabilities.
  2. Training packages—training packages are well worth the cost, so be sure to ask the manufacturer about the training packages the manufacturer supplies. When you purchase a waterjet from OMAX, free factory training is included with your system to help you maximize the return on your investment. OMAX has the best ratio in the industry of service technicians to machines installed. This enables them to provide the quickest response time in the industry. A standard troubleshooting and application guide is included with every machine available free to OMAX customers, which can facilitate even faster service response. The OMAX Interactive Reference Guide (OIR) comprised of over 3000 pages, covers every aspect of operating and maintaining your investment. It is unequalled for providing application solutions.
  3. Looking for legitimate bargains—while you should steer clear of ultra-cheap machines that do crude work at a high operation cost, you can often find good bargains by buying a waterjet off the floor of a trade show, or by purchasing a demonstration model. At Brooks, we occasionally offer high-quality used machines at a reduced price. The OMAX 55100 2007 floor model is currently available at a sale price.
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