The value of OMAX abrasive waterjets: A case study

Last year WaneShear Technologies LLC fabricated their first machine, a unique lumber-cutting system that became a reality because of today’s advanced servomotors and high-powered computers. And it was OMAX Corporation that helped make WaneShear’s dream possible.

With the sale of its first WaneShear system, the shop opened the doors of its new Ukiah, California facility. Headed by Clark McGehee, the shop is in full production of WaneShears and is currently able to build about four systems per year. But with the help of increased efficiency delivered by OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting technology, output could increase to six or even eight machines a year.

Unlike regular saw mill edgers where rough lumber moves into stationary saws, the WaneShear passes saw blades through lumber as it remains stationary. The result is what could be considered the fastest system of its kind and one that processes approximately 60 boards per minute –17,000 boards per shift, and does so at a cut accuracy within 0.015″. The completely electric system cuts boards much faster than existing edgers, lowering a saw mill’s manufacturing and processing costs.

A complete WaneShear system can measure up to 80′ long and either 35′ or 45′ feet wide. One system is comprised of several hundred fabricated and machined components. Many of these are made from 8′ x 20′ plates of common and 4140 steel, aluminum and other materials such as fiber felt and Delrin®, in thicknesses ranging from 0.250″ to 1.5″. Individual part sizes can be as small as 1″ x 1″ x 1″ or as large as 94″ wide and 36′ long.

WaneShear Technologies initially considered laser cutting for processing parts. However, a machine capable of handling the shop’s material thicknesses would have been very expensive. Also, a laser machine would have had a difficult time cutting the shop’s 1.25″-thick pieces of aluminum, let alone its non-metal materials. It was because of these various part sizes, thicknesses and materials that the shop decided to incorporate the versatile OMAX 120X-3 JetMachining Center.

If you think an OMAX waterjet could transform your machine shop, give us a call. 

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