Testimonial from Southwick & Meister, Inc.

We love hearing kind words from our valued clients–we take our job of representing quality machine products seriously and proudly offer unparalleled service and equipment expertise.

“We chose Yama Seiki because their equipment possesses the capabilities and reliability we require, and was viewed by us to be the best value when compared to their competitors.

We chose to work with Brooks Associates because we find them to be extremely knowledgeable, and able to deliver long term technical and maintenance support.  They present a highly professional, straight forward approach, assisting us in making optimal capital equipment decisions.  They have met all the expectations we have of our long term business partners.” – Robert Meister, President of Southwick & Meister, Inc.

Southwick & Meister Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision headstock and subspindle collets, guide bushings and attachment collets for Swiss-Type Automatic CNC and CAM machines. Yama Seiki machines help Southwick & Meister, Inc. deliver peak performance, quality, and value. Greater power and faster speeds help machine shops obtain faster cycle times while multi-tasking machines and fully loaded automated systems save you manpower and increase accuracy by eliminating manual part handling.


All Yama Seiki machines are based on the latest Japanese technology and components. Components such as spindle bearings, controls including servo and spindle motors, curvic couplings, and much more are directly from top quality suppliers in Japan. Top grade casting bed and components are machined on machine tools from Mitsui Seiki and Toshiba. As an authorized distributor, Brooks is committed to providing valuable solutions to your particular turning or milling applications. We also guarantee prompt, friendly service and expert technical support. Yama Seiki is the ultimate source for your turning and milling needs. If you want your machine shop to obtain faster cycle times, give Brooks a call. 

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