Welcome to the Brooks family, Peerless Tool!

We’re proud to welcome Peerless Tool to the Brooks family! Founded in 1942, Peerless Tool produces high-quality components for the aerospace, plastic, and paper industries. Here, President Kaz Kruzel, Jr. stands in front of a Hurco Companies Inc. DCX32 bridge mill.

Peerless Tool
The DCX32 has a twin-column, bridge-type construction that allows the large Y-axis travel without loss of rigidity. A 60 kW spindle mounted in a vertical ram gives ample cutting power and torque for machining titanium. A 40-station, swing-arm toolchanger keeps the carousel clear of swarf and maximizes the work envelope.

The control has a 40GB hard-drive with 2GB RAM and high-speed contouring capability. The programs, even complex 2D jobs, are written quickly and easily on the shop floor using the control’s conversational programming. This time savings allows you to respond quickly to urgent jobs.

The added work envelope and profile milling dramatically improve efficiency and turnaround time. If your machine shop could use a boost in efficiency or an expansion in services, think about adding this machine or replacing an old machine that just isn’t cutting it any longer. Give us a call for more information about how Brooks can help you. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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