Willemin-Macodel 701S Machine

Willemin-Macodel, Ltd has amassed more than 35 years experience in developing high precision machine tools. Willemin is a leader in multi-process machining whose reputation is built on strong experience and the ability to offer high-performance solutions to our partners. They just released a new video that highlights the 701S machine, which is the first machining center to truly make full use of the dynamic control and rigidity offered by delta-type kinematics.

Willemin-Macodel 701SA   Willemin-Macodel 701S

True to Willemin-Macodel’s reputation, this machine delivers ultra-high-precision machining conditions using very-high-speed machining technology. The 701S machining center, the very essence of innovation, offers unrivaled precision and dynamic control for micro-machining applications.

The high-performance powered spindle has been specially developed to fit seamlessly with the kinematics on the 701S machine. It meets the most stringent requirements in terms of precision and quality. The tools are directly fixed on the powered spindle, with no need of tool-holders. Its maximum speed of rotation is 80,000 rpm.

Watch the video here >>

Brooks is proud to represent Willemin-Macodel. For more information about the products we carry, contact us. 

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