Yama Seiki Goodway GS-3000 Series Turning Center

GoodwayThe Yama Seiki Goodway GS-3000 series turning center features a 30-degree true slant bed boxway design. This industry-leading turning center is engineered to cut large workpieces up to a 22-inch diameter. The Yama Seiki Goodway features optional live tooling, C-axis, Y-axis and a subspindle. It satisfies the demand for a heavy-duty machine capable of milling, drilling and front/back-end turning while creating a small footprint. The Y-axis mechanism, which travels 100 mm (±50 mm from the center line), is capable of off-center milling, drilling and tapping. The boxway design provides the rigid foundation heavy-duty and interrupted turning applications require.

The 30-degree slant bed design, characterized by a low center of gravity, not only disposes chips smoothly and gives operators easier access, but also provides a rigid foundation for the headstock, turret, tailstock, and subspindle. This enables long-term, high-precision turning.

The Goodway GS-3000 is equipped with an A2-8 (A2-11) spindle nose and features a 4.15″ spindle bore; a bar capacity of 4.13″; and a 15” hydraulic, three-jaw chuck. The turning center’s high-torque spindle spins at speeds of up to 2,500 rpm and provides a maximum 852 foot-pounds of torque.

The standard 12-station turret has an indexing time of 0.3 seconds while the options available with the 12-station live turret allow many turning applications to be completed in just one machine, which minimizes the loss of accuracy when multiple machines must be used to make one part.

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