Spotlight on Hurco Companies, Inc.

Since 1968, Hurco Companies, Inc. has maintained a single mission – to provide unique, innovative software and CNC controls to help our customers maximize productivity through reduced setup time and multi-tasking on the shop floor.

Hurco pioneered the use of interactive graphical computer control systems that automate shop floor processes with the introduction of the groundbreaking UltiMax® CNC control.

We pride ourselves on distributing such quality products.  Brooks Associates proudly represents the complete Hurco product line and welcomes your inquiries at (781) 871-3400. 

If you want your shop to be more profitable, Hurco can help. See how Hurco CNC machine control can drastically reduce your cycle times.

  • Heavy, all cast-iron frames, premium components
  • Designed and manufactured under one roof
  • Hurco Conversational eliminates the need for G-code to program parts.  The control handles DXF/CAD files automatically
  • Compatible with existing NC programs and CAM packages
  • New motion-control system, UltiMotion, uses patented technology that makes millions of software calculations to look ahead at the cuts coming up next and optimizes the tool path and feed rate in real time
  • Cycle times are reduced up to 30%

Watch the video to see how Hurco CNC machine control can reduce your cycle times.

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