Reshoring Continues

In 2011 Brooks hosted a Reshoring Event with guest speaker Harry Moser presenting information about the return of manufacturing to the United States. Clearly this trend has continued and articles such as The Insourcing Boom, recently published in The Atlantic magazine, are touting the benefits of returning the manufacturing production back to the United States. This particular article focuses on General Electric and the success they’ve had in manufacturing their appliances back in the United States instead of off shore.  A few of the reasons they’ve noted include:

  • Increasing fuel costs for cargo shipping
  • Lower natural gas prices in the U.S.
  • Increased wages in China

In addition to these global changes, they discovered that by having their own company engineers reviewing the product designs they were able to lower material and labor costs while improving quality and energy efficiency, a win-win for General Electric.

Brooks looks forward to the continued return of manufacturing to the United States and especially to our friends in New England.

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2 Responses to Reshoring Continues

  1. EDM Machines says:

    Whatever can be done to get jobs back to the US, people are going to support. Well done.

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