New EnduroMAX Pump From OMAX

EnduroMAXEnduroMAX Pumps – The new EnduroMAX Pump for the OMAX JetMachining Centers provide double the operating life and make for faster part processing, lower operating costs, and easier maintenance. These new pumps are available in 30 hp, 40 hp, and 50 hp and can operate at 60,000 psi. This direct drive crankshaft style pump operates at 86% efficiency, as opposed to the 60-70% range of intensifier pumps, thus reducing your energy costs. The unique design of the OMAX EnduroMAX pump system consists of independent cylinders for easier maintenance. This new design has doubled the length of operating time between pump rebuilds. OMAX customers spend more time cutting parts and making money and less time rebuilding pump components. OMAX believes every new product should be available to all customers, so any older OMAX JetMachining center can be retrofitted to run with an EnduroMax pump keeping all OMAX customers competitive in the market. Contact Brooks Associates to learn more about the EnduroMAX pump system.

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