Sodick’s New High Speed Machining Center

The Sodick TT1-400A high speed milling machine is the latest addition to the Sodick line-up and provides a new dynamic to high speed machining of precision parts. The TT1-400A is designed to achieve maximum speed and acceleration rates by utilizing the latest in motion control technology – Sodick America’s “KSMC-M4Link” along with linear motor drive and material development, together with the renowned Sodick high speed 40,000 RPM oil-mist spindle.

ImageThe TT1-400A has X, Y, Z travels of 15.75” x 9.84” x 7.87” . Sodick has equipped the TT1-400A milling machine with the new ultra fast Sodick LN3X CNC. The LN3X control with KSMC-M4Link developed by Sodick America is designed to maximize the speed and acceleration of the Sodick linear motor drives and incorporates new features to simplify work set up.

The TT1-400A is an electrode machining center designed for copper and graphite electrode production and features a work table built from CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), an ultra light but strong material which in recent times has been utilized in the construction of modern high tech airplanes (Boeing 787 Dreamliner) and high performance formula one racing cars. CFRP is 1/100th the weight of conventional material yet offers the same level of strength, allowing the Sodick TT1-400A to operate at high speed and high acceleration without any deformation of part profile by minimizing the inertia to 1/50th that of a conventional machine axis.

For more information, contact Brooks & Associates at sales@brooksmachinery.comor visit to schedule a demo.

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2 Responses to Sodick’s New High Speed Machining Center

  1. Wow, The Sodick machines are so cool looking! Gotta love modern technology.

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