Ganesh Machinery Cyclone 32 GT CNC Lathe

Ganesh Cyclone 32 GT

Ganesh Cyclone 32 GT

Ganesh Machinery’s new Cyclone 32-GT three-axis CNC lathe features a heavily ribbed cast iron construction designed to dampen cutting vibration for improved productivity, surface finish and tool life. This 1¼” bar diameter CNC lathe comes with many standard features including:

  • 8 toolholders
  • parts catcher
  • collet chuck
  • rigid tapping
  • coolant system

It also has a “C” axis for drilling and milling in the cross and axial plane with optional servo-driven live tools. Polygon turning, an eight-station tool turret, a 5″ three-jaw hydraulic chuck and a chip conveyor also are available.

Cyclone video

View video

Brooks Associates, represents Ganesh Machinery’s CNC mills and lathes in the following New England states: Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware,  and Connecticut.

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