Sodick introduces new affordable-cost AD25L CNC Sinker EDM

AD25L CNC Sinker EDMCNC Sinker EDMs (also called conventional EDM, and RAM EDM) are often used as a last resort to machine difficult cavities that include deep narrow slots. Often with CNC EDMing, flush holes are machined into the electrode or with delicate and intricate electrodes auxiliary flushing lines are needed which require just the right amount  of flushing pressure in order not to deflect the electrode. The AD25L uses a high speed linear motor Z axis drive which creates its own flushing condition. This eliminates the need  (and labor cost) to machine flush holes into to the electrode or the experience required to set up auxiliary flushing lines.

The AD25L’s user-friendly, menu driven control prompts the operator to input the required machining data such as electrode – workpiece material, machining depth and required surface finish. Once the data is entered, the AD25L automatically writes the NC code. The control also eliminates DC arcing and the zero electrode wear circuit dramatically reduces electrode wear and in many cases eliminates the need for semi and finishing electrodes.

For more information or to receive a quote on the new Sodick AD25L CNC Sinker EDM contact Brooks Associates at 781-871-3400.

Brooks Associates, represents Sodick EDM in the following New England states: Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut

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